Your pregnancy, month by month

Third month

- Your baby

Your baby is no longer an embryo, but a fetus. All of his organs are in place and continue to develop

His face becomes more defined and his arms and legs start to grow. His arms and legs are not yet long enough, however, to touch the wall of your uterus, and so you cannot feel him. His head is still quite large in comparison to his body. He can now lift it up.

In a few weeks, your baby will grow at an amazing pace; whereas he measured a mere 3 cm (an eighth of an inch) at the end of the second month, he’ll be around twelve centimeters or almost four inches long and weigh 90 g (3 ounces) by the end of the third month!

- You

As for you, your blood volume increases, speeding up your heart rate. You may feel easily winded. Starting at the 10th week, you should be less affected by frequent urges to urinate, since your uterus starts to move up into your abdominal cavity and your bladder is less compressed. Other source of relief: your morning sickness should now gradually wane.



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