Your pregnancy, month by month

Ninth month

- Your baby

Your baby is finally ready to be born. He slowly starts to drop down into your pelvis and can now be born at any time. Your baby will spend these last few weeks gaining weight and strength in preparation for the big day.

Inside your belly, which is now stretched to the extreme, your little one no longer has much space to move around in, but you now feel even the smallest of his movements more than ever.

All of your baby’s physiological functions are operating normally, and all of his organs are mature - including his lungs, which are ready to function. Your baby is preparing for his first contact with the light of day.

By the end of the ninth month, your baby weighs about 3.3 kg (7 pounds 4 ounces), and measures about 50 cm (19.5 inches).

- You

You are now in the final stretch! Very soon you will finally be holding your baby in your arms. Take advantage of these final days to relax as much as possible so that you are as calm and rested as possible when it’s time to give birth.



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