Your pregnancy, month by month

Eighth month

- Your baby

Your baby starts to take on the chubby look of a newborn. His arms and legs lengthen and his bones continue to harden, while still leaving a few empty spaces in the skull so that his brain can continue to grow, even after delivery.

The cortex of your baby’s brain develops and your baby becomes sensitive to pain. He drinks much amniotic fluid and develops his sense of taste.

By the end of the eighth month, your baby weighs close to 2.5 kg (5.5 pounds) and measures about 46 cm (18 inches).

- You

Your baby starts a phase during which he will gain a significant amount of weight. Be careful not to do the same! It is often during this last month of pregnancy that the pounds are piled on. Try to keep an eye on what you eat, without actually dieting; you’ll thank yourself after delivery.



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