Your pregnancy, month by month

First month

- Your baby

You have been pregnant for only a few days, but the new life that is blooming inside you is already very active. The meeting of a spermatozoon and an ovum created an egg less than 0.5mm across (less than 0.02 inches), which implanted itself into your uterus 7 days later. The egg is now going to develop very quickly.

By the end of the 3rd week, your future baby is no longer just an egg: firmly attached to the uterine wall, it has become an embryo in its own right.

By the end of the first month, your baby is about 4 mm or a quarter of an inch long and is as light as a feather. The buds that will later grow into his arms appear on the 26th day and the buds of his legs on the 28th day. Your baby has a very large head with two black dots where his eyes will soon take shape.

- You

Very quickly, the first signs of pregnancy appear. You may experience a sudden desire to take a nap after eating, or no longer be able to stand certain smells. You may also notice changes in your breasts, which are tight, the nipples wider and darker, and the veins under the skin quite visible.

Take care of your body every day by carefully moisturizing your skin and applying a product specifically formulated for your breasts. From the very start of your pregnancy up until one month after delivery, remember to also apply a product to reduce the risk of stretch marks appearing. This should be applied on a daily basis.



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