Diaper rash

Frequent skin problems

The diaper area’s very delicate skin can easily become irritated, especially during the baby’s first year of life. Up to 60% of infants are affected during the first 12 months.

Friction from diapers, contact with feces and urine, teething, the introduction of solid foods, an episode of diarrhea, an infection and certain medications can all cause diaper rash.

While generally harmless, diaper rash must not be neglected. It can become painful for your baby and if poorly treated, can lead to more severe sores requiring medical care.

Here’s some helpful information on how to take care of your baby’s bottom.

How to treat diaper rash

  • Change your baby’s diaper very often and as soon as possible after he urinates or has a bowel movement.
  • Leave his skin to air diaper-free as often as possible.
  • Each time you change his diaper, gently clean the skin with a special product then gently dab it dry.
  • Use a special purifying and healing dermo-cosmetic product.
  • Once the diaper rash is gone, apply a zinc oxide-based protective cream during each diaper change as a preventive measure to avoid a recurrence.
  • Talk to your doctor if your baby’s diaper rash begins oozing, if he has trouble eating, persistent diarrhea or a skin rash, or if his condition doesn’t improve after three to four days of treatment.



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