Your baby's motor development

From birth to walking: your baby's motor development

During his first 12 months, your baby will develop at incredible speed: he'll go from lying down all day, to sitting up, then crawling, then standing up… before tackling his greatest challenge to date and taking his first steps!

For this to be possible, starting from birth, your baby has to improve his muscular control and the way in which he coordinates his movements day after day. He does this through a range of different experiences. And while his brain is developing, he gains weight and grows: his arms and legs become longer and his muscles become stronger.

Support him at each and every stage of his development by giving him attention: encourage and congratulate him, as well as giving him new activities to do as he develops: this way, you will stimulate his senses and help him progress. Also have faith in what he can do: your child will sense your trust, and this will give him even more strength to move forwards.

And if your baby does not reach each milestone in accordance with the schedule described in books on child development, don't worry! Although there are a number of markers suggesting the average ages at which children pick up certain skills, they develop their motor skills at their own rhythm and many factors can influence this: whether they are premature (or born at term), their build, their temperament, the kind of stimulations that they receive, etc. Regular visits to your doctor will be opportunities for checking that your baby is developing correctly.


> At birth

> Around 1 month

> Around 2 months

> Around 3 months

> Around 4 months

> Around 5 months

> Around 6 months

> Around 7 months

> Around 8 months

> Around 9 months

> Around 10 months

> Around 11 months

> Between 12 and 15 months



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