The best toys for each age

0 to 3 years: the best toys for each age

Right from the first few weeks of their lives, all babies play spontaneously: first with their own bodies, then with their mothers’ or fathers’ bodies, then with objects around them or toys if they are available. Playing is a vital prerequisite for all learning: it helps children discover and learn how to interact with the world around them, to use their new abilities and to develop their intellect and their imagination.


Provided they are appropriate for your baby's current state of development, toys are an excellent means of developing his senses. Choose them carefully: if they have been properly selected, they will provide your baby with many hours of pleasure and discovery. As a general rule, opt for high-quality items that are resilient and meet children's safety norms. Go for lively colours (which small children find more attractive), and give some consideration to the size and weight of the toys you give your child: if they are too large and too heavy, your child (with his little hands) will not be interested in them. And look at the minimum age requirement which is given somewhere on all toys – particularly for very small children.


You can find a toy that is almost guaranteed to be a huge success for every age: get our tips for essential items in your baby's toy box!


> 0 to 4 months: discovering a new world

> 4 to 6 months: rattle time

> 6 to 12 months: toys you can hold in your hands

> 12 to 18 months: getting ready for mobility

> 18 to 24 months: from baby to child

> 2 to 3 years: giving free rein to imagination



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