From gurgling to the first few words: early language

Between 9 to 12 months: his first words!

  • At around ten months your baby begins to pronounce chains of syllables without repetition. He will thus gradually compose baby talk that is often incomprehensible as if he were speaking a foreign language!
  • Progressively his language will become understandable:  the first words generally appear at around 1 year. If it's not "daddy" or "mummy", do not be disappointed…  Your baby first of all needs to designate what he wants that is not within his reach: if he does not name you, it is no doubt because you are very available for him. Often he makes a very broad usage of his first words : for example, by saying "lolo" your baby may mean both his bottle or your breast, hunger, thirst or a desire to be cuddled…
  • His comprehension progresses faster than his ability to express himself: at one year, he already understands a wide range of simple phrases such as "Come", "Give to mummy", "Are you hungry"?, "Get your toy", etc.


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