From gurgling to the first few words: early language

Between 2 to 6 months: a cascade of babbling

  • At around two months, your baby begins to play with the capacities of his voice box. Gurgling, cooing, noises in the back of the throat… He babbles away to the greatest delight of those around him! This first babbling is common to all babies across the globe.
  • At around four months, the vowels make an appearance, beginning with "a" and "e". One month later baby is able to pronounce his first consonants : it's the age of the famous "goo goo ga ga". At this stage your baby has already adopted his mother tongue : a Chinese or Egyptian baby does not produce exactly the same babble as an English mother tongue baby! To stimulate him, talk to him and repeat his own babble : your enthusiasm will encourage him to persevere.


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